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How did it all begin?

I have never imagined that I would choose a different activity than engineering. With great respect, I watched people wholly immersed in their work, people who had seemingly lost their sense of time and devoted themselves to their creation and nothing else. I thought they could be proud of themselves.


More than 10 years ago, taking the first steps in business, I began to notice more and more that professional knowledge is not the key to success. Even after investing huge sums of money and time, ambitious plans ultimately get stuck at a point where you still cannot escape from the daily rush, conflicts, and stress. Every day becomes like a desperate struggle for space under the sun.


I thought that I needed to dedicate more time to my work in order to go beyond this threshold. But how do you know how much more you should be doing? This question kept spinning in my mind every day.


I began to realize that a whole new activity would help to see things differently, discover new insights, but that meant throwing away what I had created over the years. It was hard to make a decision.


Something that I did not understand was lying ahead of me, but I felt that I would find the answer with the most painful way. Unfortunately, the new activity only shattered everything into pieces and brought more confusion into my life. Having worked so hard for so many years, I found myself in a complete deadlock!


Thanks to a happy coincidence, I came across a book. Then the second one, and the third one... Two years passed.

I came to a point where I had studied over 100 most famous bestsellers in the topic of marketing, sales, business development ... I had analyzed the secrets of the biggest companies such as Apple, PayPal, Linkedin, and many others. I was looking for anything that could answer my questions.


Finally, the missing link between everyday tension-filled work and successful business began to emerge. A completely new picture opened up, although at the same time I could not comprehend the extent of the mistakes I had made, the perception of how much time and money I had lost.


I began to see how many great companies are so close to the same mistakes, as the uncertainty about tomorrow accompanies them every day. I began thinking of what I could offer them.

Should I write a book? Offer consultancy services? Invite to a conference? When I remembered myself lacking time for self-education, and how quickly the external advice would be forgotten, such a prospect did not seem appealing.


I needed a whole new format. A program that did not need to be taught, did require much precious time. Self-development had to become as common and easy as a cup of coffee in the morning.




A letter will come to your mailbox every work day. In it, you will find the topic of the day - a short theoretical part or a practical task. Each chapter will give you an instruction on what to look out for at the moment. It will not take much time, up to ten minutes only. Both theoretical and practical parts are ranked by order. All you have to do is follow the letters.


Step by step we will delve deeper and record events in the task book. We will gradually develop an individual daily sales and business development plan. Your situation will begin to change.


By working purposefully, you will complement your professional knowledge with the skills of a professional salesperson, which is perhaps the most valuable asset in business, also useful in other areas.


This program is my 1000-hour gift - after all, you could spend hours reading books, attending conferences, training sessions, talking to business consultants who are likely to charge you a considerable amount of money.


I am sharing my knowledge because I want successful sales to unleash your potential to create value rather than engage in a competitive war. I am sharing my knowledge because I want honest solutions to become your key to a successful business and career so you can be proud of yourself and your team.


Just take the first step ...​



Vaidas Saltenis




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